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Cafe Sua Da (cà phê nâu đá)- Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

I have to admit I am a caffeine addict.  It is rare that I go a day without coffee.  If you have seen the movie, The Last Samurai, remember when Tom Cruise goes through an alcohol withdrawal and yells,”SAKE! SAKE! SAAAAKKKKEEEE!”  Yep, that’s what the boyfriend faces on Sunday mornings with me, “Coffee!  Coffee! COOOFFFFFEEEE!!!”

Since the days are getting warmer, I crave ice coffee.  Not just regular ice coffee but cafe sua da. Cafe sua da is a Vietnamese iced coffee made with dark roast coffee and sweetened condensed milk.  The coffee is made using a small individual drip filter.  It is strong, rich, and creamy.


  • 4 tablespoons dark roast coffee – (medium coarse ground works best)

  • 2-4 tablespoons condensed milk

  • crushed ice

  • hot water

  • whipped cream (optional)

  • single cup Vietnamese coffee press

You can buy a Vietnamese coffee press at our store or most Asian markets.  I’ve never tried it with a normal coffee press.   Just doesn’t seem right.

The most traditional coffee method is to use either Cafe du Monde or Trung Nguyen coffee.  I’m using a double dark french roast.

Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory is from the famous coffee stand New Orleans French Quarters.  They are known for their chicory coffee and beignets.  Cafe du Monde is on our list of places to visit.  Coffee and beignets!!!

The chicory root is added to their coffee blend.  Chicory is the root of endives.  Adding it to coffee helps cuts the bitterness and adds a mild chocolate flavor.

Trung Nguyen coffee is imported from Vietnam.  This is more traditional than using Cafe du Monde.  Coffee in Vietnam does not have chicory added.  The coffee is suppose to have a little bit of butter flavoring and cocoa added which gives the coffee a caramel like taste.

I’m using Gavina Double French roast.  It is a really strong bitter roast.  I think it is perfect with the condensed milk.  Unfortunately they are sold directly from Gavina and in large volume packs.  This is available at SouthEast market in smaller volume.

Start by adding the condensed milk to a tall glass.  You can add more or less depending on how what type of coffee you are using.   I ann using 4 tablespoons since the double french is super strong. The boyfriend likes it with 3 tablespoons.  I like Longevity brand condensed milk.  You can use low fat condensed milk but it will not give you the same rich sweet and buttery result.

Next, place filter onto of a glass cup and add the coffee to the bottom of the coffee press.

Now tighten the press on top of it.  The more you tighten, the slower the drip and the stronger the coffee.

Add boiling water to the press and fill to the rim.

Cover with the lid.  Now wait.  and wait. and wait.  This is a slow drip.  It will take some time.

Once the water empties, add more water.  This is optional if you do not want to have it as rich and thick.  The boyfriend likes it strong and lush.  But I prefer not to have a heart attack quite yet.

Once the coffee is done dripping, stir coffee and condensed milk thoroughly. Fill a glass with ice.

Pour coffee into glass of ice and drink up!

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